Last Day at Cognizant (29.04.2016)

I could clearly remember the first day at Cognizant and now the last day has also come. Tomorrow (29.04.2016) is my last working day with CTS completing my 1 year & 10 months.

Before I leave Cognizant, I want to take a moment to let everyone know what a great and distinct pleasure it has been to work with all the people I met during my tenure at Cognizant. Hence writing this post to show my gratitude towards everyone who have been associated with me.

I have enjoyed working for Cognizant and I appreciate having had this wonderful opportunity to work for Cognizant. Its been a tough decision to leave considering the number of friendships and memories this place has given me. From the PUN14AJ009 training to my EBA-EMS-cPLM project team, I would like to thank and commend each and everyone with whom I was associated.

I would like to thank Shekhar & Amit for being extremely supportive and friendly, & guiding me throughout this journey. Eknath, my manager, who always have been a great mentor for me. I hope, I will always get a mentor, a manger & a guru like Eknath and a family like our cPLM team.

A special shout-out to Shubham & Chaitanya! You guys have been true friends and very supportive team mates. I am going to miss working with you. I wish that my new job also provides me with great friends and colleagues like you. I hope you people were here till my last day!

Though there were many ups and downs through out the journey, many opinion differences with other teams. But still, I would like to compliment the patience, tolerance of these people that they didn’t loose their temper and handled the situations with great calmness.

Overall a very great, remarkable journey at Cognizant (CDC to Tech Tower to Quadron), will never forget the friends I got, the moments I spent and will always miss the Quadron, the Delhi Swad, the Sugardove, the ChaiPoint, the pool table. 😉

Now I think I’ve left enough impression on everybody’s minds that they’re going to remember me in coming days. But yes, as the time moves on, nothing stays on and the stories vanish.

….. In the memories of cPLM team-cum-family. 🙂
The Quadron Business Park - View from Q4 9th floor
The Quadron Business Park – View from Q4 9th Floor (from my desk 😉 )

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