My first day at Cognizant Technology Solutions

On 30th June 2014, at 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon, I got the mail of joining from Cognizant Technology Solutions and the location was Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park Phase-1, Pune. As I had to report at CTS on 3rd of July, I had no time to waste so I packed my bags, booked the ticket for Pune, gathered and xeroxed all the required documents and left for Pune. I reached Pune on 3rd July at 8:30 AM in morning. I took PMPML bus and reached to the Phase-1 office sharp at 9:30 AM. This was the first day at Cognizant Technology Solutions. Lot of trainees were already present there. We completed document verification process there and returned at 12:00 o’clock in afternoon. On the next day we had the induction program at same place phase-1.

Cognizant Phase 1 office
Cognizant Phase 1 office

On 4th July at phase-1, we were sent to some auditorium hall where the induction program held. Induction program was from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. We signed various documents, listened the induction sessions, verticals and horizontals of Cognizant. Food at phase-1 was good. We returned at 6:00 PM using cognizant transportation service which was free of cost for trainees on that day. Next 2 days were weekend so we had an off. We searched for PG’s and got our accommodation. On Monday, we had to go to CDC phase-3 office.

On 7th July, we went to CDC Phase-3. It was quite difficult to reach at CDC phase-3 office from quadron phase-2 because of poor transportation. But we managed to reach on time. The session starts at 10:30 AM. We were told about rules, regulations and all policies of Cognizant. At 3:00 PM we got our domains and business units. I got Advance Java and EMS business unit at CDC Phase-3. We were 30 trainees for PUN14AJ009 batch and classroom 301. On this day itself we got our trainer Mr. Mishra from Bihar, a very enthusiastic and talented person. Then CR and BCR were decided and the day ended.

Cognizant Phase 3 office
Cognizant Phase 3 office

And the training began from the next day, 8th of July. This is all the first day at Cognizant Technology Solutions. Today I am writing it on 15th of October 2014, left with the last few days of my training. Some of my friends already got their deployment at Pune, Mumbai, Chennai etc. I will also be deployed soon. But I could never forget these days of training, the friends I got and fun we had.

….. In the memories of batch PUN14AJ009. Have a great day.!!! 🙂


  1. Nahin Reply

    Can yu pls share the logic for separting out the even digits from an integer ?

  2. saurabh Reply

    i dont have the proper joining booklet with me…will i face problem on the joining day..please tell me. Also tell me how the joining booklet looks like, caus ethink due to some technical glitch the booklet is not properly generated. only 1 day is left for joining.

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  4. Arjun Reply

    Hi there, the logic is to check each digit of the number for even or odd.. and plave each of them in a seperate array.

  5. VideoPortal Reply

    On the reporting day, we were asked to contact the batch representative to get to know our training platform. Training time is the best time in cognizant. I made so many friends and we all stayed together in a flat. All the trainers were really good and they helped us a lot to understand the topics in programming.

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